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Revised Schedule for Final Classes



Nov. 30th

Presentation: Professor Thom Swiss, Department of Curriculum and Instruction: Author of Key Concepts for Popular Music and Culture: New Essays; Mapping the Beat: Popular Music and Culture: Studying Popular Music.


Read Chapter 10.

In your blog: Based on the readings, discuss how you would integrate film/TV, and/or media studies into your instruction, student teaching, and/or ideal classroom (if you’re not teaching). In teaching social studies, how would you use films/documentaries to teach about the Vietnam War. In teaching literature, what film adaptations of literature would you use (“Clueless,” “The Crucible,” “Persuasion,” “Emma,” “Sense and Sensibility,” “The English Patient,” “Hamlet,” etc.), and what activities would you use to study these adaptations. How would you help students understand the differences in their experiences between print literature, film, and theater?

Here’s an example:




Dec. 7th

Economics/ownership of the media; economic forces/corporate control of film/television programming; the music industry and control of music distribution/recording; the influence of conservative thinks tanks on media coverage and public opinion.


Implementing a media studies curriculum; sharing of ideas for implementing materials from the course; evaluating student learning; sharing of ideas/resources for your final unit/paper with peers. Working together in class to finalize Wiki chapters.



Dec 14th FINAL CLASS: Blogs/Wiki Chapters due: /Pot-luck Supper

Oral summary reports highlighting your Wiki chapter and reflecting on the writing process; pot luck supper.


NOTE: Please try to complete your blogs by the 14th; however, if you need more time to work on the chapters, the final, absolute deadline for completing the chapters and posting them on this site is Monday, the 18th by 9:00.

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