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Preparation for the Fall, 2007 class

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To: Students in CI5472, Teaching Film, Television, and Media Studies

From: Rick Beach, rbeach@umn.edu

Re:   Things to do to prepare for class: begins Thursday, September 6, 4:40 – 7:20, 225 Peik Hall

1.  Purchase a copy of Verdi and Hodson’s Secrets of Videoblogging from Amazon or Barnes & Noble; this required book is on back order at the bookstore and may not be in on time, but you’ll need it for the beginning of class. This book is also $8.50 cheaper on Amazon than at the bookstore

2. The other three required books are in the Coffman Union Bookstore:

Beach, TeachingMediaLiteracy.com

Burn and Duran, Media Literacy in Schools

Richardson, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for the Classroom

3. Check out three course sites:

- the media studies wikibook: http://teachingmedialiteracy.pbwiki.com/ (For the final paper in the class, you and your “blog partner” will be creating wikibook chapters—see examples from Fall, 2006, in the sidebar).

- the textbook TeachingMediaLiteracy.com site: http://www.teachingmedialiteracy.com

- a resource site on digital writing tools: http://digitalwriting.pbwiki.com

4.  If you don’t have a blog, set up a blog on Blogger http://www.blogger.com (see Richardson, pp. 51-56 and Verdi & Hodson, 140-146 for directions) or on the University Library’s UThink http://blog.lib.umn.edu/start.html (set up is more complicated than with Blogger). for those of you in the post bac, program, you will be using this blog in CI5461, Teaching Composition, taught by Candance Doerr, in the Winter). For examples of students’ blogs from Fall, 2006, see http://teachingmedialiteracy.pbwiki.com/StudentBlogs

5.  In the beginning of the class, we will be studying and creating videoblogs or vlogs.  You may want to become familiar with some vblogs such as our very own MinnesotaStories http://mnstories.com/: see Verdi & Hodson, pp. 6-12; the digital writing wiki http://digitalwriting.pbwiki.com/VlogTools, http://mefeedia.com, or http://fireant.tv


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