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Post GenrePPPresentations

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post-apocalyptic films.mov


Post GenrePPPresentations

Andi Larson and Ligia Hernandez


Sports Films


Emily Peckskamp and Sarah Thomes


Reality Television


Rebekah Ignatowicz & Justin Crum


Romantic Comedy


Jarrett Lundquist and Nate Buck




Mary Voigt/Patricia McGurk/ Alma Mendez


News Satire


Sarah Staples and Katie Houlihan


Native American Cinema


Sara Speicher & Kerry Newstrom




Abbey Weiss and Karen Keller


Film Noir


Dan Richardson and Nate Schultz


70's Sitcoms


Theresa Haider & Jennifer Sellers


Hospital Dramas


Rob Bennett, Steve Paul, and Greg Gustafson


Fake News


Lisa and Adam


Teen Movies





Examples of PP presentations on genres from previous classes:


Forensic Detective

Forensic Detective.ppt


The Heist Film

The heist film2.ppt


The Spoof

The Spoof film.ppt


Super Heros



Romantic Teen Comedy

Romantic Teen Films.ppt


Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy.1


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