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Post Genre PowerPoints

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Post Genre PowerPoints


1. Name your PP file based on the genre type; keep the .ppt at the end.

2. Put you cursor two spaces below the last item on the list below.

3. Click on "Attach file" (last item on bottom row).

4. Click on browse and upload and save your PP as a file on the file list. 

5. Find your file and click on the icon itself (not just the name) and click on OK and you file will be linked below: see examples of PPs below from 2006.


These PPs can be on any film or TV genre--there's a lot of them.  In addition to describing the prototypical roles, settings/worlds, storylines/plots, themes, and value assumptions in your genre, you may also want to formulate some critical analysis of the limitations or problematic nature of these components, for example, that TV detective shows often perpetuate urban settings as dangerous and "crime ridden," or TV drama shows such as Grey's Anatomy portray the workplace as family without necessarily portraying how families operate outside the workplace in family worlds.


In creating your PPs collaboratively, you may want to work together using Google Docs to share the same document and then transfer your text to a PP.  You can also upload your writing on Google Docs automatically to your blog by logging in to your blog, going to Google Docs Settings and inserting your blog URL.  Then, when you want to put your writing onto your blog, with you click on Publish, you will see the option of Post to Blog.  (You can also connect up Flickr and your blog by doing the same thing on Flickr Settings and the clicking on the icon--post to blog--on the top of an image.)


To insert links to YouTube or other videos, copy the URL, select Insert and then Hyperlink and paste in the URL and type in the title.  It will then appear as a hyperlink on your PP page.




2007 genre PPs (post "attached files" here)



Denise Goldman & Katie Noack


Crystal: Genre Study of Soap Operas


romantic comedies.ppt

Annie and Eve





The Gangster Genre.ppt

Maggie Kacer 


Sketch Comedy.ppt

Sara Sommers


TV Morning News Genre.ppt 

Lisa McWilliams 



Angela and Genevieve




Nathan Meyer and Chris Baker


Epic_Presentation Revised.ppt 

Katie Borcherding


Adult Cartoon Sitcom

Petra and Steve U.


comedy crime.ppt 




2006 genre PPS






CI5472Highway to Hell presentation.ppt


Fake News.ppt.




Forensic Detective.ppt






News Satire-1.ppt


Reality Television.ppt


Romantic Comedy Powerpoint.ppt




Teen Movie Genre-1.ppt






Time Travel.ppt


The heist film2.ppt



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