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Podcast productions

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Podcast resources and productions


  Once you finish creating a podcast on Garageband or Audacity and want to put it on your blog, you face the challenge of not having a server to host the podcast so that you can create an RSS feed to add to your blog.  



With your video, you could host it on Media Mill or YouTube, which then created a URL or code for you to put on your blog.


So what to do.   If you don't have a .Mac account (you pay for that), your best bet for a free hosting site is the Internet Archive, http://digitalwriting.pbwiki.com/Publishing+and+promoting+podcasts

 although there are some other sites on the list, such as Odeo: http://odeo.com or Podbean http://www.podbean.com



After you’ve completed your podcast on Garageband or Audacity, then Share it on iTunes.  Then, to store it on the Internet Archive at: http://www.archive.org/create/



You may contribute content to the Internet Archive if it's in the public domain or if you own the rights to it. If you own the rights, we recommend that you choose a Creative Commons license for it so that others will know how they may (or may not) use it.  The easiest way to contribute movies, audios, or books to the archive is to use our new uploader tool. Click the "Upload" button near the upper right-hand corner of the site, Can you tell me a bit more about choosing a license?


From the Creative Commons website: "Creative Commons licenses help you share your work but while keeping your copyright. Other people can copy and distribute your work, but only on certain conditions."

You can choose a license to associate with your contribution and this license will be linked to when users see the details page.


Then, once you have a URL from the Internet Archive site, you then can post it on Blogger. 


To do so, go to Settings and the go to Formatting.  Make sure that the Show Link fields is at YES


Then, when you go to post, you should click on Enclosure links: so that an Enclosures box appears so that you can add in the URL and then click on Add enclosure link:




You can also store your podcast and create a URL for your podcast, or any other files, on your U server space—yes, as a student you have server space—that’s where your email is stored.


To access your U server space, you need to install some software on your computer, which you get at this site:



If you have a Mac, you can use Fugu.  If you have a PC, you can use WinSCP.  Once you’ve downloaded this software, just follow the directions on how to access your server space and how to upload your podcast MP3 file by dragging it from the Remote window to the server. 



If you don't want to bother with this, you can always store your podcast on the class wiki as an attached audio file (rather than creating a link to a podcast server), you're actually storing the file on the wiki server.



To put your podcast as a file on the wiki, select Share in Garageband to move it to iTunes.  Then, once it's in your Library on iTunes, then move the file to your desktop and then selected Attach file to attach it as a file to the wiki and store it here:


Store your podcasts here as attached files


Online podcasting resources and links


Chapter on uses of podcasts and resources for creating podcasts


Rick's podcast: uses of podcasts in the classroom


Using YackPack (online chat) in the classroom


VoiceThread: features


Rick's VoiceThread of running around Lake Harriet


Youthwiki: students add VoiceThread descriptions of schools all over the country


Minneapolis: Quest for the Voice: poetry performances


Poetic License: youth performing poems


Electronic Literature Association: digital poem performances


Paul Allison: The Air Smells Like a Football Game: performance poem


Billy Collins: Forgetfullness






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