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Papers from Spring, 2007 section

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Final project reports from CI5472, Fall, 2007 (create a new wiki page--it's easier to do this if you want to import images/video versus cut/paste in your report from Word or Google Doc--but that's still an option).


Teaching Autobiographies and Memoir

Elizabeth F. and Steve M.



Mockumentary by Chris B. and Nathan 


Suzanne Defoe: 1977 to 2007: studying the last days of the year


Boys and the Media Denise Goldman & Katie Noack


Romeo and Juliet: From the Play to the Film and Back  Katie B.


Integrating Technology into the Teaching of Genocide by Crystal Bieter


News Media Unit fall 2007


Decoding a Decade - How media reflected and influenced cultural values during the 1960s by Brianna and Sara


Welcome to the World of Documentaries by Angela and Genevieve


Analysis of Beowulf: the movie by Jessie & Lisa


Shakespearean Adaptatations Unit by Meaghan and Maggie


Teaching Satire by Petra



Final units from CI5472, Spring, 2007


Carrie: News/Satire in texts such as 1984


Jill: How media shapes identities, particularly preservice teacher identities


Holly: Summer reading


Tara: Critical analysis of the news


Tim: Virtual Worlds and the Educator


Mari: Teaching Media Literacy in the EFL Classroom


Jennifer: Persuasion and the Books We Read



Final units from CI5472, Spring, 2006


Michele: Critical Analysis of Film


Marty: Studying the News


Jing-Huey: Using Wiki as a Tool for News Education


Michael: Media and the Vietnam War


Katie: Teaching \"Hotel Rwanda\"


Anthony: Teaching Anton Chekhov


Jerrod & Nicole: Studying war movies


Laura: Media and storytelling


Mandy: Media studies and critical perceptions/presentations


Domenic: Pop culture in films


Kanelia: Film Adaptations of Roald Dahl


Greta: Studying book commercials


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