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Music presentation

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the Frames, presentation... by Petra Wonders


Official Frames website






Lesson ideas:


Could be an intro to a discussion of how different cultures portray themselves through music. European American students may struggle to relate to minority ethnic groups or outsiders cultures. Looking at this idea within a more familiar Irish culture can familiarize the students with the idea and give some tools for a similar breakdown of a less familiar culture or less familiar type of music.


At the end of the "Falling Slowly" video, Glen Hansard discusses the idea of Irish music and its origins.


The Rocketboom video contains an interview with the founder of Pandora radio...




Pandora Radio: In short, a website that allows you to create a personalized radio stream based on songs or artists you like. Based on what they call the Music Genome Project (as opposed to the Human Genome Project which maps DNA). They have broken down and categorized songs by elements like type of vocals and instruments, types of lyrics etc... then looking at patterns in your likes and dislikes to create a whole "station" of songs you will probably like.




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