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Media literacy curriculum and resources

Page history last edited by Richard Beach 3 years, 11 months ago

NAMLE: Media Literacy Education and the Common Core Standards


Teaching Media Literacy Week, 2016. NAMLE


Center for Media Literacy: Lots of resources


Baker, F. (2016). Media literacy in the K-12 classroom, 2nd Ed. ISTE.


Faith Rogow: Tune In Next Time: Media Literacy Education Musings blog


KQED Teach: Platform for creating and sharing activities


Free Spirit Media: Focusing on Youth


Videos: What Is Media Literacy?


PopOptic: Current film and media criticism


Use, Understand, and Create: Media Smarts: Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy  


Turner, G. (2016). Re-inventing the media. New York: Routledge.


Kupiainen, R. (2012). Media and digital literacies in secondary school. New York: Peter Lang. 


Gliksman, S. (2016). Creating media for learning: Student centered media projects across the curriculum. Los Angeles: Corwin Press.


History of photography and the camera: Suggested by Angela Whitney's students, Matt and Adam


Free DVD: This is Media


Screenagers Documentary: Movie Explores How Screen Time Can Harm Kids. San Francisco Chronicle


Free MOOC 2015 course on news and media literacy, Arizona State University


Media History Digital Library


Jack Lule: Understanding Media and Culture (free download book).


Fernback, J. (2014). Teaching communication and media studies: Pedagogy and practice. New York: Routledge


Caine, R., Wheaton, H., & Massey, L. (Eds.). (2015). Bridging gaps: Higher education, media and society. WaterHill Publishing.  


Frank Baker: The Media Literacy Clearinghouse


Frank Baker: Apps for media literacy and video production


Media Today's textbook weblinks


Media Literacy Projects


Video: G-Star school based on film production


Pernisco, N  (2013).  Practical Media Literacy: An everyday guide for teachers, parents, and students of all ages.




Fryer, W. (2013).  Mapping media to the Common Core


NeoK12: Free online videos


e-books on media literacy


Teachers Domain: Free videos from PBS for use in classes


PBS digital media literacy resources


University of Minnesota Libraries: Integrating Media Concepts and Skills into the Curriculum 


Use of popular TV shows to teach about current issues and topics


Guide to Comic Books


Media in Action Curriculum: Lots of media literacy resources to download


University of Minnesota: Collection of digital images by disciplines 


University of MInnesota: Collection of digital images for all subjects


A Manifesto for Media Education: Media educators speak out on the value of media literacy


Teachingmedia.org: Repository site with a lot of resources on teaching media


NAMLE: National Association of Media Literacy Educators


Media in Action Curriculum: Lots of media literacy resources to download


History of the development of different media, including television


Consortium for Media Literacy


Center for Media Literacy


Audiovisualcy; Vimeo social networking site on film


Issues of copyright in using media


University of Minnesota/Minneapolis Public Schools DigMe Program at Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis


NewLits: Resources for uses of digital technology/media in the classroom


Video: Lets Talk about Media Literacy


Cable in the Classroom: Lots of videos for uses in classrooms


USC: Introduction to Multimedia Scholarships: Curriculum framework for media/digital literacies


Student Journal for Media Literacy Education--student produced journal from Santa Monica College


Media Studies for Staff and Students: extensive British resource site


Media literacy lessons for middle school students


MediaEdu: another extensive British resource site


The Media Spot: Media Literacy through Production


MIT: Using transmedia to create stories across different platforms


Common Sense Media: Resources related to issues of media influence/violence/stereotyping


BBC Media Literacy: Resources on responding to and creating media


100 Lectures on media literacy


Television and American Culture: textbook resources


Evaluating media literacy learning: Extensive research review


Project Look Sharp: Lots of free critical media literacy curriculum materials


UCLA Center X: Articles on teaching critical media literacy


Betsy McLane, A New History of Documentary Film, Bloomsbury


Post Genre PowerPoints


PBS Teachers: Videos on media literacy topics


Understanding Media Blog


David Considine: Media-Literacy.Net


Frank Baker: Media Literacy Clearinghouse


PBS Teachers: Media Literacy curriculum resources


Making Curriculum Pop Ning (sign up needed): Curriculum resources


Electronic Library for Minnesota: Materials and texts for Minnesota residents


News Literacy Conference


Global Media Literacy: Curriculum for studying global aspects of the media


Media Literacy for Girls


NewsTrust: Lots of media literacy links


Independent Film Channel: Media Project


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